Running fans love cheap Nike trainers shoes—Nike Air Presto

The late nineties of the last century, Nike founded the Alpha Project, led by Richard Clarke design, supplemented by Kevin Hoffer and Bob Mervar and many other outstanding creative talents, is committed to creating the integration of cutting-edge technology products in various fields. The project’s shoes in the year were marked with a “five-dot” identity, including the Air Shox series, Kukini, Seismic and Flightposite these far-reaching abstract cheap nike trainers shoes. The Air Presto is the star of this project members.


Tobie Hatfiled once said, Cheap Nike Air Presto designed to run the feet to control the running shoes, rather than running shoes to play the role of control, so that run more natural. Sponge texture of the socks-shaped shoes to bring extraordinary flexibility, while creating enough space for the toes, and the toe structure makes the whole pair of cheap nike air max shoes without sacrificing any protection; shoe side of the lace frame can also be a perfect lock to bring additional The stability.

Presto abandon the traditional digital size, using XXXS to XXXL size standards, like “for the feet to wear T-shirt.” For the Nike Free project, cheap nike air presto played a pioneering role in science and technology, further deepening the concept of “barefoot” experience for runners


In the next few years, Nike for Presto, through color, material use, shape remodeling and limited edition and other forms, carried out a number of updates and evolution. Although after the Faze, Chanjo and Footent and other nike trainers shoes outlet than the ancestral shoe type is more abstract, but Presto fans in the minds, they still occupy a very important position. Excellent limited edition also emerged, including the Hello Kitty 30 anniversary celebration of the joint version and by the HTM team surgeon in the help version of “Roam”. The limited edition with guitarist Eric Clapton and the sitcom “Sex and the City” is rare.

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