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Nike air max series in the oldest of course is airmax90, which is 90 degrees window visible air cushion, this shoe is Nike shoes produced in culture, the impact of the consumer is not very high. The resulting airmax180 is the Nike brand in the history of the most brilliant. Although the Department of shoes produced by chance, but it will push the development of the air cushion. The series of high-intensity air-cushion shoes also make it particularly popular with consumers. Shoes forefoot parts of the curved groove not only greatly enhance the elasticity of the shoes, but also to show a more beautiful shoes dynamic, air cushion to change this style to become the cheap nike air max one of the classic style.

1, Cheap Nike Air Max 180 air cushion design, Andrew hope Nike air shoes continue to continue.
2, he carefully studied the previous sections of the Air Max shoes, clear the key elements of this series of sports shoes, and then began to sketch to design an innovative work.
3, through the use of mat, Andrew is not only for the new bubble-free Max 180 running shoes to build a framework, and for the foot and heel provides a strong support. And this approach in the Air Max series of products is also quite common.
4, through the front foot part of the curved groove design, shoes, elasticity has been strengthened, but also showing a dynamic beauty.


Times in the development of social progress, the shoes are constantly innovation. From the initial airmax90, to the subsequent casting of the classic air max 180, of course, the number of cheap nike air max 360. Designers will remove the shoes in the bubble, so that athletes directly to the foot and air cushion contact, by adjusting the air column to the balloon and vamps for the perfect package. This kind of shoes shock absorption effect reached a staggering bottom, and because of the removal of the cheap nike trainers shoes contain the foam, the weight of the shoes have been increased to reduce. As the latest series of air max, 360 series also deserved to become the stars of choice.

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